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Pitching Velocity Tricks To Instant Velocity

Pitching Velocity TricksLearn the tricks to pitching velocity that will give you what you need to start adding velocity today. You can find countless articles or blog posts on-line titled something such as this article, but a majority of of them are incomprehensible, simply because they focus mostly on upper body mechanics as the only methods to developing velocity. Any hard thrower will tell you, there is a lot more to velocity than your arm. In order to see important gains in velocity check out this entire article and also the articles linked to it. The only way you are going to see improvements, is if you develop a good perception of how velocity is made.

Should you be similar to most every pitcher who reads these tips and benefits from them, after this you must buy the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. This system, built on the following tips and more, can help you take your ability to a level that you just never thought you could accomplish!

Remember you’re bound by nothing. You have the capacity to throw 90 mph. Doctors informed me I would not be able to pitch again and I proved them drastically wrong. These pointers will help you do the same.

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How to Gain MPH on your Fastball?

3x Pitching Velocity ProgramIn the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research their is a study called Baseball Throwing Velocity: A Comparison of Medicine Ball Training and Weight Training. The study was put together to prove that medicine ball training was the only way to increase pitching velocity. What they learned was something they did not expect.

The study was made up of three control groups of Australian baseball players from their Junior National Team. All three groups participated in an 8 week training period. Each one of the subjects had never trained outside of throwing a baseball. The first group spent the 8 weeks only throwing a baseball. The second group spent the 8 weeks doing upper body medicine ball plyometric training and also throwing the baseball. The third and final group spent the 8 weeks doing upper body heavy weight training with the bench press and overhead press and also throwing the baseball. When the study was finished the results were astonishing. They measured all three groups for strength and velocity gains. The first group who only threw the baseball for 8 weeks did not increase in overall strength or velocity. The second group who performed the upper body medicine ball plyometrics with throwing the baseball only improved in overall strength. The third group who performed the heavy weight training with throwing the baseball increased their overall strength more than the medicine ball group and they were the only group to increase velocity up to almost 5% in the 8 weeks.